You’ve Been Walking Around in Someone Else’s Shoes For Far Too Long

Who’s Life Have You Been Living? Isn’t it Time to Live Your Own?
If Not Now…When?

HEALING + Coaching + Group calls


25 Minute – Private Energy Clearing Session

25 minutes @ $99.00


50 Minute – Private Energy Clearing Session

50 minutes @ $149.00


25 Minute – Private Energy Clearing Session – Package of 6


Receive one free session by booking 6!

Please note…private sessions are not recorded


“Personalized Channeled Prayer”… recorded in  MP3 format

@ $69.00


Monthly Group Energy Clearing Calls

@ $59.00


10 Week “Future Focused Integrative Coaching/Healing”


In this 10 week Program, you will learn the full range of emotions within yourself.  You will learn to understand how and why you developed and adopted the beliefs, judgments, commitments and ways of being that now control your life.

 We begin by taking responsibility (without judgment), for the things that have happened in our past…decisions, choices and commitments we made whether consciously or unconsciously.  

 Individual coaching/healing, is not only an investment in yourself, it’s also about discovering the discrepancy between where you are in your life and where you want to be.  Together, we remove whatever limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns that may be standing in the way of You living Your Best Life. We remove what is keeping you from doing what it is you say you most want to do!

 I will support you in connecting with your inner wisdom.  You are powerful beyond compare, there is nothing you cannot shift!  You are capable of so much more than you know or are currently creating.  This Life Changing Program will transform you and the way you see “Your World”.  

A few words from my clients