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I just want to share the miracles and the wonderful things that happened after my session with Donna.  

Through one session I received total transformation…energy totally shifted not only for me, but for my family as well!

For many years any communication I would have with my brother was very cold, it was like there was a wall up between us.  After our session, suddenly out of nowhere he reached out, came out for a visit, showed me a lot of respect, respect that was never there before.  After years, decades, of so much sadness and grief we both sat and had a heartfelt talk.  Emotions were gushing out and we cried together and had a beautiful release…this could not have happened without you Donna!  Now that he’s back home his communication with me has been so good, so positive, so receptive, the old hangups are no longer there!  Wonderfully, this healing has had a rippling effect on my Mother as well.

Donna you are this beautiful Soul that came into my life, creating miracles for me and my family.  This could not have happened without beautiful energetic YOU.  Please Donna, don’t stop doing this work, you have no idea how much healing it brings for people, you’re truly changing lives!

Sadia Khan, Toronto, Canada


I reached out to Donna over the concerns I had with the relationship between my 13 year old daughter and myself.

All I can say is…Thank You So Much!  The shifts I experienced with my daughter were immediate, literally, as soon as our session ended!  The following day she called me…she NEVER calls me, even my boyfriend was really surprised…and the BLOCK has been removed!

The next one blew me away!  My daughter was with her Dad and came home sick.  When she met me at the door, she literally melted into my arms and proceeded to sit with me.  Honestly, I can’t remember how long it’s been since we’ve had this experience.

I am Sooo Grateful.  You are the Real Deal!  Sending you Soooo much Love!

Heather S. 



I would love to share with you my experience working with Donna.  At the time, we had been working on the communication between myself and my daughter, as we were struggling a great deal.

I had a session with Donna before I traveled to see my daughter and we ended up having the best visit ever…we connected so well!!

Donna has helped me a number of times with such peace and balance.

Fast forward 3 years…honestly there  are no words…the relationship and the communication my daughter and I now share, is 1000 times better!!

I can’t thank you enough…this stuff really works!




I’m an intuitive healer myself and when I met Donna I felt such a connection.  She has such a soft, gentle caring way about her.

I was hesitant to work with her as I’ve had a few sessions with “healers” before and noticed nothing!!  Not with Donna though…both her and her work are amazing!!!

During my time with Donna…which I should say was one session, we worked first on my issues with my brother.  We were to then work on my difficulties with my ex husband, but no longer needed to!!

It was amazing! Through working on issues with my brother, somehow, they were connected to my ex husband, so there was no need to go there!

Now weeks later, I can think about or interact with both and there are no triggers…this has been life changing for me!!!

Work with Donna if you’re having difficulties, you won’t be sorry!