You’ve Been Walking Around in Someone Else’s Shoes For Far Too Long

Who’s Life Have You Been Living? Isn’t it Time to Live Your Own?
If Not Now…When?

HEALING + Coaching + Group calls

Donna McRae


I had no idea the road I was choosing in my early twenties was going to be such a bumpy one, with many twists and turns along the way. I’ve had a few guardian angels along the way, and these angels were my teachers.  Finding ourselves in our darkest moments can be scary and at times terrifying. This is the time we most need self compassion, however, for most of us this seems to be the time we’re hardest on ourselves.


Through the help of my guardian angels, as well as the many modalities and coaching programs I’ve taken, I’ve found my natural ability to push into the unknown, opening pathways, allowing for optimal health, better relationships and more happiness…ultimately, enabling you to live the life you’re longing for… freedom from whatever it is that’s holding you back.  I look forward to sharing my gifts with you.

A few words from my clients