You’ve Been Walking Around in Someone Else’s Shoes For Far Too Long

Who’s Life Have You Been Living? Isn’t it Time to Live Your Own?
If Not Now…When?

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Are you in a place where you feel stuck and don’t know what direction to go in? Or, do you know what direction you want to go, but never seem to get there? Do you have big dreams, but can’t get past your fears or self doubts? Or do you know what you need to do but for some reason, you’re just not doing it? Yeah? Well you’ve come to the right place, and I want to assure you…’re not alone.


Life is far from perfect for many of us.  We may suffer from childhood trauma, and/or we may be suffering from the trauma our ancestors did, yet never healed…passing it on to us in this lifetime.

We may be born with imprints in our DNA which store limiting experiences from our life as well as our family lineage.  This can lead to depression, anxiety, chronic pain, failed relationships, to name just a few. Releasing our Ancestral Blocks is the key to living the life we most desire, the life we were meant to live.


Donna’s ability to overcome many challenging life experiences has enabled her to tap into Source, allowing her to see Your Core Essence, allowing you to release what does not serve.  Through her Soul Codes, Donna has had nothing short of miraculous results in clearing space, allowing you to live a life of ease and grace, where you truly feel empowered and able to “be” your best self.


If your ready to “be” Your Best Self, book your session today and allow Donna to empower you to unlock the keys to living a life of ease and grace…a life of peace and harmony, free from the physical and emotional ties that bind.

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