You’ve Been Walking Around in Someone Else’s Shoes For Far Too Long

Who’s Life Have You Been Living? Isn’t it Time to Live Your Own?
If Not Now…When?

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Do you feel like your life is one big hamster wheel…you’re moving forward, yet you always seem to end up right back where you started?  Or, do you have big dreams, but you’re paralyzed with fear and self doubt? Or, do you know the steps to take, yet for some reason you’re not taking them? Yeah?  Well you’ve come to the right place, and trust me…you’re not alone.

 Life can be difficult for many of us.  You may suffer from childhood trauma and/or you may be suffering from the trauma your ancestors experienced and never healed…passing it on to you.

We are born with imprints in our DNA which store limiting experiences from our life as well as our family lineage.  This can lead to depression, anxiety, chronic pain, failed relationships, to name just a few. Releasing our Ancestral Blocks is the key to living the life we most desire, the life we were meant to live.

 Donna’s challenging life experiences have opened her up to what is possible, enabling her to tap into Source…enabling you to release what doesn’t belong to you and does not serve you.   Donna has had nothing short of miraculous results in clearing space… leaving you empowered and able to “be” Your Best Self, living a life of ease and grace.


A few words from my clients